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RM-1152 LUMIA 650


RM-1152 LUMIA 550

file just released:

Solution to unlock phones which give error 0060 ( mostly from UK networks )

  • Full flash the phone using the firmware
  • FFU : RM974_02040.00021.15235.30008_RETAIL_prod_signed_1080_02D51C_000-GB.ffu
  • you must have the following tick marked before start flashing
  • Change PC and NVI
  • After flashing Unlock the phone
  • TIP : if you can not find the same firmware. download any firmware which DOES NOT have the following
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to unlock latest WP10 phones like Lumia 550. 650 and more use Best software version 2.21 from support area

we can process 100% permanent factory unlocking services!

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unlock for lumia instructions

 step 1  

Unlock latest WP10 phones like Lumia 550. 650 and more use Best software version 2.21 or higher from support area

 step 2  

A close best dongle exe. Download and run this file . press update all . close this file and run best dongle exe . now you will see unlock button

 step 3  

A fter the successful payment has been done, you'll hear from us within next 24 hours. We will email you the unlock code for your device which we've extracted from the Nokia Lumia servers along with the instructions

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